Welcome to our family-oriented childcare centers, where quality care and age-appropriate education in a fun, safe, and loving environment is our primary objective!

Kribs2Kids was originally established to meet the growing need for quality childcare at affordable rates.  Our clientele come from all parts of the Louisville Metro to benefit from our simple yet special childcare, daycare, preschool, before-school and after-school services. 

We provide a structured setting where children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities to explore, learn and grow.  It is our commitment that such experiences must be provided in a supporting and nurturing environment to build a solid foundation for their future development.  Kribs2Kids offers a tasty, balanced diet,  sophisticated curriculum with fun activities and diverse learning opportunities as well as quiet, cozy corners for reading and relaxing. 

Kribs2Kids follows a rigorous hiring policy where teachers and staff are carefully selected based on attitude and aptitude in addition to industry certifications; they are further trained in-house and have to successfully complete a probationary period before coming on board as regular employees.

Our values concerning early childhood education have gradually developed over time, and have been further refined by formal education, acquired knowledge and personal experience.  We believe that parents are equal partners in a child’s advancement, and encourage you to become involved in our program.

8104 Tolls Ln, Louisville, KY 40214

502-368-3487  [Fairdale]


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111 Fairmeade Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

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